BigRed//Hacks Fall 2019: Hack to Save Your Community!

Our main event is here! To those who travelled from other schools, the BigRed//Hacks team welcomes you to Cornell University. And to our Cornell students, especially our Class of 2023 Hackers, welcome to Cornell's biggest student-run Hackathon! What can you create to save your community?

Below you will find our event schedule:

September 20th
Time Event  
3:00pm Check In Begins (Call Auditorium)  
4:00pm All Buses Arrive  
6:00pm Opening Ceremony (Call Auditorium)  
7:30pm Dinner (PSB)  
8:00pm Hacking Begins
9:00pm Wayfair API Demo (PSB 120)  
10:00pm IBM API Demo (PSB 120)  
11:00pm Google Cloud API Demo (PSB 120)  
September 21st
Time Event
12:00am Insomnia Cookies
8:00am Breakfast
9:30am Hiking @ Beebe Lake
11:00am Bloomberg Demo
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Happy 5th Birthday, BigRed//Hacks!
2:00pm Wayfair Demo
4:00pm Dog Petting (Arts Quad)
5:30pm Shirt Giveaway
6:00pm Cup Stacking
7:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Bowling (Helen Newman)
11:00pm MLH Mini Event: Werewolf
September 22nd
Time Event
12:00am Stargazing
1:00am Ice Cream!
8:00am Hacking Ends + Breakfast
9:30am Project Expo (Open to Public)
11:30am Lunch
12:30pm Closing Ceremony + Prizes (Call Auditorium)
2:00pm Pack Up + Goodbyes
2:00pm Buses Leave (Call Auditorium)

Unless noted otherwise, all events are in the Physical Sciences Building (PSB)


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Submission must be an original piece of software, where a significant portion of the code and functionality was designed and written by the team members. 

A significant part of the submission must be created inside of the 36 hour hackathon window, and any external code, images, or content must be equally available to all participants, licensed with permission to use, appropriately attributed, and follow all applicable laws. 

Submissions must follow all applicable laws, may not promote copyright infringement, and may not be obscene or made with the purpose to marginalize or offend any group of people.




Judging Criteria

  • Prize Criteria
    All Hacks will be judged based on the criteria specified for each prize.